Sizes (Feet) Thicknesses (mm)
8×4 , 7×4, 6×4, 6×3, 7×3,8×3 6 , 8/9, 15/16, 18/19, 2

Unibind Platinum BWP 701
(boiling water proof plywood)

Unibind Platinum Bwp Plywood is manufactured for those who are passionate about the perfection in their work. It is a marine grade premium 100% boiling waterproof grade calibrated plywood with a lifetime guarantee. Unibind manufactured entirely using 100% Indonesian Gurjan, offers you plywood that gives optimum performance and stability due to the strength in its core. Unibind BWP Platinum is blened with 100% Gurjan in the face as well as 100% Gurjan in the core, thereby making it completely calibrated Face veneer has a thickness of 1mm, Specific stress relieving treatment it is also given to check warp properties of plywood, which makes Unibind Platinum dimensionally stable in extreme weather conditions. This brand of plywood can be used for all exterior and interior applications.

  • Superior Screw Holding Ability with 100% Calibrated Marine Plywood.
  • Manufactured using Gurjan Timber

  • Bonded with PF resin with Borer and termite proof.